DR. MAUREEN MILLIGAN  - individual counselling and mental health treatment
Taking the risk to seek consultation is a challenge for most of us.  It seems we are more likely to attend to our car troubles than reach out for help when life feels overwhelming.  I appreciate how hard it is to ask for assistance - and many people never find the courage to do so. 

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, repetitive patterns of behaviour that continue to produce negative outcomes for you or find yourself facing challenges adjusting to difficult life events - change oriented therapy can help.  In the context of a confidential, warm and safe therapeutic relationship, one can find hope and relief from symptoms that are impairing your quality of life.  My goal is to work with you in a collaborative way, to help you articulate your goals for therapy, to appraise you of evidence-based interventions and to keep us focused on identifying and eliminating the barriers to experiencing the quality of life that you desire. 

Please do not hesitate to call and chat if you are wondering if we could work well together.  No cost - no obligation!
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